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            Company profile

            Keda Machinery is specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and turnkey project for gelatin processing line with self-managerial import& export authority. It is located in Gangzha Economic Development Zone Nantong City in the Yangtze Delta, China. For more than15 year's development of the Keda Machinery, we have been endeavoring to develop our business and transcending constantly. Our business and conduct philosophy is honesty and credibility. Keda Machinery have been in the dominant position in the narrow field of manufacturing whole-set gelatin equipment and support the development of gelatin industry. Keda Machinery owns complete facilities with skilled workers and professional personnel and engineers in manufacturing and designing gelatin equipment. Recently, we has a breakthrough in gelatin equipment manufacturing and have been……


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            Bayi Industrial Park, Tianshenggang Street, Gangzha District Nantong City Jiangsu Province, PR.China

            T: +86 513 865566020  F: +86 513 865566020  Email: snsjzy@sina.com